Monday, June 18, 2012

Are we that weird?

We have some amazing family members and friends in our lives, for whom we are extremely grateful.  Said family and friends have offered dozens of times to watch our baby for a day or evening so we can "get out and have time to ourselves." Thank you for the offer, but no thank you.

Adam and I talked about this phenomenon several times:  is it weird that we don't want to leave our 5-month old at ALL?  Is it bad that we're happiest at home with just the 3 of us playing together?  Are we horrible people for not wanting "couple time" if it means sacrificing our time with our baby?

I fully believe that someday, we will want to leave our baby to go out on our own.  I also fully believed that that day would have come already.  It hasn't.

Perhaps it's because I work full time and Adam is tackling school and work: as we already spend 8-hours a day away from Little Dude, we can't imagine spending one more second away.  I'm not convinced that this is it, though--even when I was on my 11-week maternity leave, the last thing I wanted to do was to leave him.

It has nothing to do with not trusting others to take care of him, even though we all know that no one takes better care of him than Adam and I do ;-)  There are plenty of people that I would trust to (temporarily) watch my baby.  I honestly think it's because we've wanted the little one for so long that we don't want to waste a precious second of our time with him.

So, what about couple time?  Admittedly, we do need to do more things with just the two of us.  We used to go mini-golfing, bowling, to the movies, out for dessert, etc.  We don't anymore.  We do, however, have every evening together, with just the two of us, after baby goes to sleep.  

As of this fine June evening, we're happy with how things are.  We're happy to spend all of our time with our baby, and our baby, only. He won't be 5 months old forever, after all, and we want to cherish every second, every one of his coos and smiles.  It won't be long before he's a mouthy teenager and we'll need these moments to look back upon to keep our sanity.  

My favorite things

(I started this post a few weeks ago, so I thought it was about time I finished it!!  Some things regarding timing are no longer, true, but it's the essence of it all that counts).

As I was preparing supper this evening while the baby napped and Daddy was attacking the mutt, I realized that I haven't blogged very consistently or often.  I'm not so naive to think that anyone has noticed this or cared, really, but I also know that this helps me think and appreciate my family more.  Hence, I blog.

Yesterday and today have been great days for us.  I have been able to spend the past 48 hours with my two loves, and my two loves, only.  I feel like this doesn't happen nearly enough: there is always somewhere to go, someone to visit, something to do.  The past two days, however, have been filled with glorious nothing-ness.

Adam and I have been so thrilled and blessed with our latest addition.  Every day certainly has its challenges, but we'd do it again in a heartbeat, and Lord willing, plan to!  Since the first several months of waking every 1-2 hours are behind us, we have really begun to enjoy things more.  (Things really are nicer when you can sleep . . .)

First, the little dude is teething and drooling like crazy.  Bibs and onesies are getting soaked within minutes of putting them on.  Since it's been so warm out lately, it's nice to let him just play around in his diaper.  Baby in diaper = favorite thing #1.

He is also talking and babbling ALL the time.  It's so cute to see how responsive he is getting to things and how he "answers" our questions and comments.  Adam and I will often sit and talk to him while he plays for 10-45 minutes at a time.  When he babbles, it's like the world stops for us.  Baby talking = favorite thing #2.

Next, the little dude is also smiling.  All. The. Time.  It's relatively difficult to get the smile on film, just because he alternates his smiling with babbling.  Baby smiles = favorite thing #3.

Tubby time has, and likely will continue to be, an end of the day family-fun activity.  The munchkin has learned to splash and kick more than I ever imagined.  He is joking with us back and forth, too: he kicks/splashes, waits for us to laugh and cheer him on, then continues.  Baby splashing in a tub = favorite thing #4.