Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Just Love It . . .

A lot of us, myself included, seem to do quite a lot of complaining.  I decided to turn things around in my life and be more positive.  I plan to write at least five things I love and/or am thankful for each week.  No order, no specific rhyme or reason.  Some things will be serious and some will seem trivial. Nonetheless, here it goes.

1)  I absolutely love being a Mama.  There is no greater joy or love I can ever imagine.  I don't sleep much and I have no alone time. . . . but I love it!

2)  I am thankful I have a dog that tolerates and loves on my munchkin.  Seriously, the kid can put his hand in her mouth, crawl on her and pull her tail and she doesn't care much.  Jabber loves Nathan and has even taken on the roll of enforcer: when we say no and Nathan does it, anyway, she is right there grumbling at him.  She nips at him to play and he laughs.  What a great big sister!

3)  I love that we have not one, but two, working vehicles.  Sure, the older of the two isn't going to be with us much longer as she won't pass inspection, but she has gotten us through the last 8 years without breaking down.

4)  Just-washed sheets.  LOVE them!  So cozy, fresh  . . . . ahhhhhhhhh

5)  I love that my son much prefers his Grammy's homemade applesauce and Shamrock rolls to any store-bought fake stuff.  The kid knows the good stuff, and I'm glad.

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