Friday, July 29, 2011

The Best Sound . . . . EVER

On Wednesday, I heard the most amazing thing in the world . . .

It was not a joke.
It was not words from an old friend.
It was not a new fun song.

It was the sound of my baby's heart beating.

Adam and I were at my 13-week prenatal appointment that day, and we were both a little nervous. Sometimes, after all, these little babes don't like to be heard just yet. This was not the case for our little peanut.

It did take my OBGYN some time to find the little one's sound of strength--he/she apparently likes to move around . . . a LOT. When she, however, found the "sweet spot" for our little acrobat, we heard the most glorious "lub dub" going at a rate of approximately 140 beats per minute. My heart swelled three sizes, just like the Grinch's did when he found out the true meaning of Christmas.

So, we did not hear from an old friend, a great joke or a fun song.

We heard the wonderful sound of life that we created . . . . together. Nothing could ever beat that.

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