Sunday, July 24, 2011

A New Life

It's strange to think about everything that has happened in our lives and to think about what's coming up. We have been moving every 1-2 years due to graduations, getting married and starting new careers, but I have a gut feeling this will be a move that will last us for decades to come.

I recently took a job with a fantastic health system in eastern Pennsylvania, closer to our hometowns. We have never wanted to live in our parents' backyards, but living 4+ hours away has been sad and hard for us. Sure, I know some people live 10 hours . . . 20 hours away from home, but that's just not us. It's not who we are. We like to travel, we like to try new things. We also like home and our families.

So, life's going to change a LOT for us in the next few months. We're trying to sell our home in a terrible economy (prayers, please!), we're moving to Harrisburg, we're starting new careers and Adam will be finishing school . . . and that's not all! (More to come on that, later!)

We may be in the middle of a chaotic time, but we have each other and our growing love for one another. That's enough for me.

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