Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not My Decision

As I sit here, 33.5 weeks pregnant, with my decision made for me. It's definitely not my first choice, but it is what will (likely) be.

I'm going to have a c-section.

We had another ultrasound this morning, and we discovered/confirmed a few things.
1) Peanut does not like to have his/her picture taken. We didn't get ONE good ultrasound picture out of it. Hands/arms in the face, smashed up against the placenta, cord beneath the nose.
2) Peanut is about 4.9 lbs now, putting him/her at the 41st percentile in weight. They couldn't get a length, though Peanut seems tall (see #1).
3) Peanut has a lot of hair.
4) Peanut is stubborn. Peanut, though head-down until about 20 weeks, decided it was a good idea to turn head-up (breeched position). I have tried heat and cold application, music, positioning and exercises and . . . nothing. The babe doesn't want to move. They think I may have a cephalopelvic disproportion (pelvis is too small), but they cannot confirm that.

#4 is the reason we are scheduled to have a c-section. We have a date set, but we aren't sharing that with anyone. There is still a change that Peanut will turn on his/her own, but as each day goes by, this becomes less and less likely as the babe is running out of room. If Peanut does turn on his own, then I can proceed to attempt a vaginal delivery.

I know c-sections aren't the worst thing ever. I know that one of the best OB doctors in the state will be the one performing the c-section. I know that Peanut will not have a misshapen head if I have a c-section. I know it's much safer for Peanut to come out via my abdomen versus trying to attempt a breech delivery.

I also know c-sections require a lot more recovery time. Babies can have more trouble breastfeeding when they are born via c-section and can be more groggy from all the meds they end up absorbing.

So, we wait. We wait to see if the little one with move into the correct position. If not, I know when Peanut's birthday will be, and I'm trying to be ok with that.

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