Saturday, November 26, 2011

An Update

It's been quite a long time since I've posted anything. I would like to claim that this is because I have such an exciting life that I have not had time, but I also don't like to lie. I haven't posted for two reasons:
1) We have actually been pretty busy
2) I mostly forgot about it . . .

The past month has been filled with several new things. We started our Lamaze class about a month ago, for one. It is interesting and helpful, but what the other couples in our class DON'T know will never cease to amaze me. I realize that I'm in healthcare, but they ask about things I've known since . . . . forever. What's an epidural? What are kegels? What's an episiotomy? *sigh* I suppose I will have to learn to be more patient. Lord knows I'll need it with this child!

Besides our Lamaze class, we have been actively collecting things for our Peanut. I had a fantastic shower in State College (thanks, Becki!!) where we received TONS of very much needed (and desired) baby things. I am so incredibly thankful to all my friends and family who were able to come and celebrate with me! It very much calmed my nerves about not being ready for our new addition!

The biggest thing that we have been going through is trying to figure out where to live. We have about 5 weeks left before we have to be out of our trashy apartment. I promise you, there is not an ounce of my ever-growing body that will miss this place AT ALL--each and every day, every cop siren, ever drug deal, every slamming door and every unclean clothing garment confirms that. However, the thought of not being sure WHERE to move when I'm 7.5 months pregnant is horrifying. So, needless to say, we have spent countless evenings and weekends house hunting. It didn't go so well at first . . .

I know we don't need anything spectacular--we are RENTING this new place, after all, not buying. We did find out, however, how very difficult finding a nice, affordable place is. We could find multiple things seriously wrong with nearly every place we have looked at until this week. We finally have our search narrowed down to one of two townhouses in the area. There are definite pros and cons to each, and we're in the process of figuring out which benefits outweigh which risks, along with seeing how willing the owners are to negotiate. I hope to know exactly where we will be living by tomorrow night.

It's hard to explain, but I've never been more excited to move. It's not just that our current dwelling place is similar to a POW "living" space with drug deals going on multiple times a day. I just want and NEED to nest. (I feel Peanut's constant jabs and pokes, along with his/her frequent tumbles on my bladder and "hi-yas!" into my diaphragm are telling me so). I need to set up Peanut's room, wash Peanut's clothes and put things away. I need to know exactly where things will go and what all we still absolutely need before Peanut makes his/her debut. I realize I have about 8 weeks left, but let's face it, this babe is going to come whenever he/she wants to, including very early. I know some people are into last-minutes things, but I am way too OCD to wait until mid-January to start preparations. I'll end up in a psych ward . . .

All if this rant is to ask this: please pray for us. Please pray that we'll make a wise housing decision that will be the best of all 5 of us (yes, pets, too) in a timely manner. Please pray that our tentative mid-December move will not be stricken with inches upon inches of snow and that everyone helping us will be able to be safe in their travels. Please pray that I will be able to nest successfully without driving poor Adam mad. Please pray that we'll soon find a church to officially call home very soon. Please pray that Adam will continue to do well in school, even as our lives take a crazy turn. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery.

Please pray.

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