Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things New Moms Need to Know, part III

I am a big discount-type shopper. I refuse to pay full price for anything, and I will NOT pay shipping in either direction. Period. Thus, here are some sites that all moms need to know about to get the best deals for their little (horribly expensive) bundles of joy.

1) Amazon.com
You can find ANYTHING on Amazon. If you sign up for Amazon Mom, you also get free 2-day shipping for a year. If nothing else, use it for the free shipping! It's also nice to be able to compare Amazon's prices to the stores!

2) babysteals.com
Possibly the most dangerous site I learned of from my sister-in-law. They send emails with 20-80% off very nice, but very expensive baby-or-mom-type items. That AMAZING, large Saranoni blanket that retails for about $160? Find it through baby steals for about $60! That set of Leap Frog books, retailing for $80? Try $30! Robeez socks and shoes? They have them 50% off!! Now if they would only put the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag I'm after on there . . .

3) diapers.com
They have coupons and price comparisons for all that is baby--diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, gear, bedding, etc.

4) giggle.com
Very similar to diapers.com, but it's another resource when you're looking for all the fun things!

Now if we could only win the lottery . . .

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