Friday, March 9, 2012

When it Rains, it Pours

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like things couldn't get any worse? For my family, that's been the case for us for the past 8 months, financially speaking only.

We seem to keep having expenses come up on us. Let's face it: we all have bills. We all have mortgages or rent (or in our case, both), car payments, electric bills, water bills, grocery bills, etc. These payments will, for all intents and purposes, never go away. Sure, your car may be paid off, but it still requires maintenance, much like your house.

For us, this is what it has been like . . .
1) several months of paying full-household bills in two locations
2) NICU bills x 1000
3) general healthcare bills
4) major car repairs . . . times two
5) large amount due at tax time . . . potentially . . . depending on the first-time-home-buyers tax credit pay-back rules
6) my computer is dead and should be replaced

I won't give specific amounts, but all this cost us . . . a LOT . . .

To top it all off, our dog decided to eat another "dog" the other day, forcing us to pay half of said "dog's" emergency vet bill. (To make a long story short, we love our neighbors, but they apparently don't believe in leashes. Thus, their "dog" keeps running over to Jabber and Jabber, who is leashed, keeps pinning the "dog" down and biting it to the point of causing puncture wounds. . . ). (I say "dog" because the thing is really a glorified hamster . . . and I think that's exactly what Jabber thinks it is . . . ).

Anyway, I'm not sharing all this to get sympathy or anything of the sort. I am so thankful that I have a good job that helps deflect these issues and thankful that Adam is able to pick up hours between classes to help, too. I am thankful that we have generous family members who we know would help us if we asked them to. Why I am sharing this is because of something Adam said the other day when I was in tears over how on earth we're going to afford all of these things without one of us selling a kidney. . .

He said, "why are you worrying? Has God not always provided for us?"

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, yes.

I don't need to list the times He has provided for us in one way or another. I don't have another 27 years to write it all out. But He has taken care of us. And He will continue to do so. He provided me with a kind-hearted husband who reminded me that I don't need to worry . . . because He is there for us.

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