Friday, March 23, 2012

The Mom Club

I knew it existed, but I never REALLY knew it existed. It's the Mom Club.

It's interesting to watch social networking sites like Facebook to see what's important to people, what people are up to, etc. You can see who is dating, who broke up, engagements, marriages, babies, job changes, school changes, etc. To be honest, I only paid attention to such matters for those who were in my same demographic--that is, I was interested in other engaged couples when I was engaged 5 years ago, other married couples' photos when I was recently married, etc. The same thing goes for those you work with--it's easiest to identify with those in your current life stage. Naturally, I'm now most interested in those with little ones. That number is growing beautifully every day.

This interest in others with little ones is just the beginning of what I have been referring to as the "Mom Club." The Mom Club is something you cannot even begin to understand until you have the joy of becoming a mom. The Mom Club is amazing. It's every mom that looks at you, knowingly, when your little one just won't stop crying. It's every mom that glances at your babe in his/her car seat when you're at the store, trying to guess how old he/she is. It's every mom who can offer you tidbits of advice on what worked, or didn't work, for them. It's the moms who tell you where to find the best deals and what products to avoid.

It's the people that can understand what a '6-wiper" is. As I said, it's an amazing club.

My sweet Nathan is now 11 weeks old, 23" long and weight 13.8 lb. He smiles all the time and loves his tubby-time. His head control is fantastic. He doesn't sleep too well most nights. He often waits until you *just* unhook his diaper to pee everywhere.

I'm sure you don't care. I didn't care too much about such things (other than while working and checking growth charts) until I became a mom. I love hearing how others' babies are growing and changing. I love talking about how my little dude is growing and changing. I love finding out when a friend is expecting.

So, here's to you, fellow moms. Thank you for all your stories and all your support. I'm so thrilled to be one of you.

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